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Friday, 29 August 2008

Bringin' You Da Butta

Sizzling.... Special K is bringin' it tonight - with a mix of soul, r&B and hip hop... sending out sweet sounds to keep you groovin' all night long...

...a loaf of bread, a quart of milk and a stick of butta...i remembered...

gnarls barkley—the odd couple—who's gonna save my soul
divine brown—the love chronicles—lay it on the line
ledisi—lost and found—today
angie stone—mohagany stone—soul insurance
jill scott—words and sounds vol 1—love rain
jill scott—words and sounds vol 1—slowly surely
ray robinson—what it is—i'm down
e badu—world wide underground—love of my life worldwide
nina simone - pilooski edit—verve remixed 4—take care of business
sergio mendes + black eyed peas—timeless—mas que nada
sergio mendes—encanto—odo-ya
seu jorge—cru—tive razao
dubmatix—renegade rocker—in the ghetto
dj shine—loteria beats mixtape—shine
mood ruff—antarcticaslo balance
dj jazzy jeff—return of the magnificient—run that back
guru with donald byrd—jazzmatazz vol 1—loungin'
mos def—black on both sides—fear not of man
galactic—from the corner to the block—i'm out
the coup—pick a bigger weapon—my favourite mutiny
common—finding forever—u, black maybe
rascalz—global warming—top of the world
sweatshop union—united we fall—close to home

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Friday, 22 August 2008

Always bringin' you the best in...Phat cutz

SoulSys is droppin' an eclectic mix tonight - starting things off with r&B and soul moving into some hip hop and capping off the evening with some electro-afro beats.

aretha franklin—best of—this is the house that jack built
angie stone—mahogany soul—soul insurance
ledisi—lost & found—you & me
jill scott—words & music vol. 3: the real thing—how you make me feel
divine brown—divine brown—somethin' bout you
senaya—garde la tete haute—garde la tete haute
talib kweli—eardrum—give 'em hell
common (with d'angelo)—finding forever—so far to go
mood ruff—i do my own stunts—rocketship
jean grae—the orchestral files—break
bahamadia—bb queen—commonwealth (cheap chicks)
galactic (with Mr. Lif)—from the corner to the black—... and i'm out
toots and the maytals—light your light—light your light
stephen marley—mind control—iron bars
dubmatix (with sugar minott)—renegade rocker—in the ghetto
dj vadim & the seed organisation—kasm vs. the seed organisation—fear feats - BBE
the leaf system—link pins—fisherman's dub
papashanty—loteria beats: mixtape—roots
sergio mendes & carlinhos brown—encanto—odo-ya
suco 103—whaa!—whaa!
peter king—nigeria 70: lagos jump—african dialects
the souljazz orchestra—freedom no go die—the blind leading the blind
aklimatize—required listening 2—dime la verdad

To download the August 22 show, go to:

Friday, 15 August 2008

Drop the Needle

It's on tonight with Special and steamy, cool and funky....we took a trip around the world in 120 minutes; starting out hot and steamy in Brazil with some samba and forro, then off to Jamaica for some reggae and dub. we made a short stop in west africa then came back home with some cool and funky soul and hip hop.

autoload—brasil do futuro—ze pequeno
forro in the dark—bonfires of sao joao—indios do norto
zuco 13—whaa!—whaa!
boozoo bajou—dust my broom—killer
dubmatix—renegade rocker—in the ghetto
stephen marley—mind control—hey baby
capleton—one drop—make a try
dubmatix—atomic subsonic—senseless killing
bob marley and the wailers—forever—fussin' and fightin'
bob marley and the wailers—african herbsman—trenchtown rock
seu jorge —cru—mania de peital
sergio mendes w carlinhos brown—encanto—odo-ya
peter king—nigeria 70 lagos jump—african dialects
sierra leone's refugee all stars—living like a refugee—soda soap
the souljazz orchestra—required listening 2—mista president
dj rekha—basement bhangra—devi rhythm
nuspriti helsinkiafrotronic 1 disc 2—change
ledisi—lost and found—today
gnarls barkley—the odd couple—who's gonna save my soul
queen latifah—order in the court—paper
nina simone pilooski edit—verve remixed4—take care of business
the coup—pick a bigger weapon—the favorite mutiny
mos def—the new danger—sex love & money
lady sovereign—public warning—9 to 5
galactic—from the corner to the block—i'm out
grand analog—calligraffiti—touch your toes

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Friday, 8 August 2008

Cool 'n' Fon-Kay

SoulSys is burnin' up the house with neo-soul electro latin & afro funk, reggae, dub and hip hop.

rose royce—the collection—car wash
maxwell—now—now/at the party
jully black—revival—seven day fool
glenn lewis—world outside my window—one more day
ray robinson—what it is—be the one
divine brown—divine brown—boss player
k-os—joyful rebellion—crabbukit
dj bitman—loteria beats: mixtape—shine
ivana santilli—cordoroy boogie—everlasting
coup —pick a bigger weapon—my favorite mutiny
ledisi—lost & found—today
angie stone—black diamond—trouble man
gnarls barkley—the odd couple—who's gonna save my soul
jill scott—words and sounds vol. 3: the REAL thing—how it make you feel
stephen marley—mind control—iron bars
dubmatix & sugar minott—renegade rocker—in the ghetto
leaf system—link pins—fisherman's dub
dubmatix—atomic subsonic—my selecta
nina simone—verve remixed 4—tale care of business (pilooski edit)
sergio mendes & carlinhos brown—encanto—odo-yo
brown, smith & grey w/janice—afrotronic—carabongo
llorca & nicole graham—new comer—indigo blues
st. germain—tourist—so flute...

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Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Party's On!

Aug 1
Special K is laying down the tracks. Keeping ya' pumped with some neosoul, followed by some hip hop beats and topped off with a little electro latin & afro funk.

nicola conte—cafe roma vol 2 disk 1—tema de la onda
beady bell—nova soul disk 1—happiness
omar—for pleasure—saturday
music—just listen—just listen
amp fiddler—waltz of a ghetto fly—dreamin'
gnarls barkley—the odd couple—charity case
kid koala—some of my best friends are djs—stompin at the savoi
nina simone pilooski edit—verve remixed 4—take care of business
kid koala—some of my best friends are djs—robochacha
dj jazzy jeff w rhymefest—the return of the magnificient—jeff 'n' fess
guru w slum village—back to the future—cuz i'm jazzy
common—finding forever—i want you
the coup—pick a bigger weapon—we are the ones
dilated peoples —the funky precedent—triple optics
galactic—from the corner to the block—second and dryades
james brown kenny dope remix—verve remixed 4—there was a time
kid koala—your mom's favorite dj—left side
coldcut—scion sampler cd v 18 mix by darko —true skool
coldcut—scion sampler cd v 15 mix by cosmo and dj ayres—true skool
dj rekha—basement bhangra—devi rhythm
mood ruff—i do my own stunts—on the job
los rumbers —loteria beats mixtape—como mi ritmo no hay dos
mudfoot jones—the basement boys present—mamma's spanish joint
femi kuti—the definitive collection—water no get enemy
dennis ferrer—the world as i see it—how can i let go
champion et ses g-strings—live—nn gg

To download the August 1 show go to:

July 25 - We're On!
SoulSys on the 'Ones & Twos'
Bringin' you two great hours this week of soul, r&b and afrofunk.

dennis ferrer—afrotronic 2—funu
deela—latin travels 2—azua azua
zuco 103—whaa!—mayfly
dj dolores—brasil do futuro—a espuma
peacock guiter band—lagos jump: nigeria 70—eddie quansa
umalali—the garifuna women's project—merua
senaya—garde la tete haute—umjala
ivana santilli—tony—still anymore
divine brown—divine brown—help me
angie stone—the art of love & war—baby
jill scott—Words & Sounds Vol. 3: the real thing—whenever you're around
ray robinson—what it is—heaven
galactic—from the corner to the block—second and dryades
mood ruff—i do my own stunts—on the j.o.b.
talib kweli—eardrum—give 'em hell
the coop—pick a bigger weapon—laugh/love/...
dj jazzy jeff / duke jordan—re-bop: the savoy remixes—night in tunisia
fascade@137db—character of the moment—finger traps
andrew yaniwski—northern faction 3—departures
gnarls barkley—the odd couple—going on
anita o'day—verve remixed 4—tenderly (chris shaw remix)
james brown—verve remixed 4—there was a time (kenny dope remix)
jully black—revival—seven day fool

To download the July 25 show go to: