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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

2014 Jazz Fest Check Ca 101


Winnipeg International Jazz Festival June 12-22, 2014

The 25th Winnipeg Jazz Festival is well on the way and Check Ça is on the trail... Too many artists to list here, so please do check out the Jazz Fest site:

Check out some of the local heroes & Check Ça favourites with upcoming shows: 

- The Mariachi Ghost (opening for Quantic)
- Greg Lowe
- Tim Hoover (a.k.a. DJ Co-Op)
- Steve Kirby
- Karl Kohut, Jocelyn Gould & Joanna Majoko (from Soul Station)
- Jeff Presslaff and The Complete Rebirth of Cool
- Andrew Littleford (member of Dirty Catfish Brass Band)

You might also be interested in checking out the James Carter Organ Trio for those looking for something a little funkier.

Shout-outs to Check Ça favourites who have already performer: Neil Watson, Dirty Catfish Brass Band, Amber Epp, Marco Casitllo, Papa Mambo, Curtis Nowosad.

... and do round out your night before, in between, and after shows at hip joints like the new MAWS Eatery & Bar on Princess (in the old Republic building), or any of the many esablishments in the Exchange.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Look what the Catfish dragged in? It's a... 

Dirty Catfish Brass Band!

For folks who don't know, Winnipeg has a New Orleans-style, funky, dance party brass band! The Dirty Catfish Brass Band has been hittin' the streets for the past 3 years or so have recently finished up their first recording. So what's a next? A big ol' party of course! Members of the nine-piece ensemble stopped by to chat about their adventures and to tell us about the CD release party planned on June 28, 2014 at the West End Cultural Centre. Check out our quick interview on the June 6, 2014 episode of Check Ça :

For folks who can't wait for the June 28th party, check out the band at the Winnipeg International Jazz Fest on June 12. And connect with DCBB on the net:

See y'all at the CD Release Party @ the West End Cultural Centre this Saturday June 28 for the Dirty Catfish Brass Band!

Keep it funky!