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Friday, 26 September 2008

World Traveler

Special K is on the one's and twos tonight, taking you on a world tour...from jazz to acid jazz, dub to samba and lots of points in between...

charles mingus—impulse revolutionary jazz reworked—ii bs
the greyboy allstars—what happened to tv—#1
the hummers—modern entrance—no perks
fascade@137db—character of the moment—fingertraps
andrew yankiwski ft st germain—northern factions 3—departures
funkservice international—a post modern life—life is good
medeski martin and wood—uninvisible—uninvisble
garage a trois—outre mer—etienne
cesaria evora—the yoruba soul mixes—bondade e maldade
kid koala—some of my best friends are djs—stompin' at le savoi
duke jordan dj jazzy jeff remix—re-bop the savoy remixes—night in tunisia
dj bitman—loteria beats mixtape volune 1—shine
kid koala—some of my best friends are djs—robochacha
mudfoot jones—the basement boys present—gotta hold on
nina simone pilooski edit—verve remixed 4—take care of business
peter king—nigeria 70 lagos jump—african dialects
james brown kenny dope mix—verve remixed 4—there was a time
dubmatix ft sugar minott—renegade rocker—in the ghetto
josh martinez—midriff music—tranzar
ian pooley—since then—venasque
sergio mendes ft carlinhos brown—encanto—odo-ya
celso fonseca—the now sound of brazil 2—atlantico
deela—latin travels 2—azua azua
p18—new latin nouveau—electronica
aklimatize—required listening—dime la verdad

To download the September 26 show, go to:

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Simmering, Smooth and Silky

Soul, funk and laid back hip hop is what's on tap for the evening. So sit back, relax and let Special K take you for a simmering, smooth and silky ride...

dubmatix—renegade rocker—push
dj rekha—basement bhangra—dhol, dark & handsone
autoload—brasil do futuro—ze pequeno
los amigos invisibles—arepa 3000—#7
sergio mendes w cark—encanto—odo-ya
dizzy gillespie—impulsive! revolutionary jazz reworked—swing low sweet cadillacz
uco 103—whaa!—whaa!
handsome—bongo music mix—dully sykes
galactic—from the corner to the block—second and dryades
peter king—nigeria 70 lagos jump—african dialects
guru and slum village—jazzmatazz vol 4—cuz i'm jazzy
gnarls barkley—the odd people—charity case
k-os—atlantis: songs for disco—sunday morning
divine brown—the love chronicles—lay it on the line
jarvis church—shake it off—she's in love with you
nina simone pilooski edit—verve remixed 4—take care of business
the coup—pick a bigger weapon—laugh love fuck
talib kweli w mary j blige—the beautiful struggle—i try
mood ruff—night life types—no hooks
bahamadia—b b queen—commonwealth
2 pac—greatest hits—so many tears
m'chelle ndegeocello—cookie—hot nights
mos def—black on both sides—get got
queen latifah—order in the court—paper
grand analog—calligraffit—simmer me down

To download the september 19 show, go to:

Friday, 12 September 2008


Special K is spinning an eclectic mix tonight; afrotronic subatomic bhangra new latin's all good

divive brown—the love chronicles—lay it on the line
the coup—pick a bigger weapon—laugh love fuck
nina simone pilooski edit—verve remixed 4—take care of business
mr something something & ikwunga and the afrobeat poet—deep sleep—di bombs
dennis ferrer—afrotronic 2 disk 2—funu

sierra leone
's refugee all stars—living like a refugee—soda soap
peter king—nigeria 70 lagos jump original heavyweight afrobeatm highlife & afro funk—african dialects
manu dibango—the very best of afrosoul jazz—soul makossa
dead prez,jorge ben jor,talib kweli,bilal,positive force—red hot and riot—shuffering and shmiling
glaubitz & roc—afrotronic 1 disk 2—sunshine day
dubmatix—atomic subsonic—my selecta
leaf system—link pins—fisherman's dub
coldcut—darko spank rock—true skool
dubmatix—renegade rocker—push
dj rekha—basement bhangra—devi rhythm
dj bitman—loteria beats mixtape volume 1 —shine
ojos de brujo—techari remixes—sultanas de merkaillo
los amigos invisible—arepa 3000—#1
autoload—brasil do futuro—ze pequeno
sergio mendes—encanto—carlinhos brown
zuco 103—whaa!—whaa!
p18—new latin nouveau—electropica

To download the September 12 show, go to:

Friday, 5 September 2008

The show with no name...

It's Soul Sys on the ones and twos tonight, bringin' you the best in afro, latin and reggae beats with a little funk and soul mixed in for good measure...

letta m'bulu—afrotronic—what is wrong with groovin'
nina simone—verve 4: remixed—take care of business
gnarls barkley—the odd couple—charity case
pacha massive—loteria beats: mixtape—don't let go
sergio mendes w/carlinhos brown—encanto—odo-ya
dubmatix—renegade rockers—in the ghetto
grand analog—calligraffiti—touch your toes
rascalz—global warning—top of the world
stephen marley—mind control—iron bars
the coop—pick a bigger weapon—laugh/love
common—finding forever—the game
mood ruff—i do my own stunts—on the j.o.b.
dj jazzy jeff—the return the magnificent—let me hear u clap
guru / slum village—jazzmatazz vol. 4—cuz i'm jazzy
talib kweli—eardrum—eat to live
bahamadia—b.b. queen—commonwealth (cheap chicks)
angie stone—mahogany soul—20 dollars
erykah badu—mama's gun—bag lady
senaya —garde la tete haute—garde la tete haute
ledisi—lost & found—today
divine brown—the love chronicles—boogie slide
umalali—the garifuna women's project—merua
peter king —nigeria 70: lagos jump—african dialects
the souljazz orchestra—freedom no go die—insurrection
dead prez, jorge ben jor, talib kweli, bilal, positive force—red, hot + riot—shuffering & shmiling

To download the September 5th show, go to: