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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Rollin' rollin' rolllin'

SoulSys is rockin' and rollin' on the 1s and 2s tonight... check it

crash ft. lonnie smith—the doctor is in—love bowl
garage a trois—outre mer—bear no hair
jazz pharmacy—(self titled)—can't get enough
millenium project—simulasticity—samsura stroke
the hummers—modern entrance—mountain daddy
metalwood—chronic—par 3
charles mingus—impulse: unmixed—il b.s.

moses mayes—second ring—cuase i just hav'ta
club des belugas ft. reiner winterschladen—northern faction 3—coffee to go
grand analog—calligraffitti—touch your toes
duke jordan & dj jazzy jeff—rebop: the savoy remixes—night in tunisia

jully black—revival—temporary insanity
flo—flo—my soul
jill scott—words and sounds vol. 3—only you
divine brown—the love chronicles—next best thing

nina simone —verve remixed vol. 4—take care of business
sergio mendes & `jovanotti—encanto—lugar comum

sergio mendes & carlinhos brown—encanto—odo-ya
ivana santilli—cordoroy boogie—breathe inn
zuco 103 —whaa!!—na manguera

To download the October 31 show, go to:

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