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Friday, 2 January 2009

new year, new beginning

SoulSys is on the ones and twos tonight, starting off a fresh new year of funky cuts with Check Ca

seu jorge—brasil do futuro—mania de peitao ao (remix)
bungalove—cafe roma 2—maracana
theivery coporation—the mirror conspiracy—so com voce
club des belugas ft. reiner winterschladen—northern faction 3—coffee to go
ivana santilli—cordoroy boogie—breathe inn
zuco 103—whaa!—mayfly
dj dolores—brasil do futuro—a espuma
leaf system—link pins—fisherman's dub
dubmatix—renegade rocker—in the ghetto
chic gamine—chic gamine—butterfly woman
senaya—garde la tete haute—on s'en fout (autrement)
divine brown—the love chronicles—next best thing
lancelot layne—calypsoul 70—yo tink it sorf?
st. maarten's the rolling stones—calypsoul 70—it's a feeling
peter king—nigeria 70: lagos jump—african dialects
the herbaliser feat. yungun a.k. a. essa—same as it never was—just won't stop
the souljazz orchestra—manifesto—interested benevolence
easylifenatural—nova soul 3—grasshopper
divine brown—the love chronicles—boogie slide
nina simone—verve 4—take care of business
sergio mendes & carlinhos brown—encanto—odo-ya
femi kuti—the definitive collection—beng beng beng, da lata remix

To download the January 2nd show, go to:

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