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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Winnipeg Jazz Festival 2015

Jazz Fest Extravaganza!

Dirty Catfish Brass Band
brought the party to Check Ça last week. They stopped in to chat about upcoming Jazz Fest and Winnipeg Folk Fest shows for DCBB. If you missed it, download the podcast for May 29 on

This week, we have a special feature with Joanna Majoko and Jocelyn Gould - two very talented and diverse musicians newer to the scene who have solo shows in the Winnipeg Jazz Festival this year. We'll also take a moment to celebrate some of the amazing female artists who have performed in the Jazz Fest over the years. Tune in!

Next week (June 12), we are very excited to have Curtis Nowosad for an interview. Mr. Nowosad is currently studying and performing in New York (US). Regular listeners will have heard his inventive and exciting recent 2nd album on the show. We'll chat about his adventures in NYC and his upcoming show in the Jazz Fest. Don't miss it!

A special Check Ça 'Thank you' to the Dirty Catfish Brass Band for their visit to the show on May 29. Curious what happens when brass meets pop music? Check out the DCBB's video of their Taylor Swift cover of 'Shake it Off':

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