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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Gettin' Down Hot & Dirty on Check Ça

Dirty Catfish Brass Band and Dr. Hotbottom in the House this Friday! (October 24)

Hey, hey, hey, who brings you the party? DCBB & Dr. Hotbottom on Check Ça, that's who! This Friday Check Ça will feature not one but two bands in studio for a live interview! Dirty Catfish Brass Band and Dr. Hotbottom will drop by to chat about their exciting Hallowe'en show (on October 31) - Haunted Hot & Dirty Dance Party featuring both bands! DCBB will also give us the skinny on their upcoming projects. Can't go wrong with jazz, brass, funk and more. Definitely tune in  - it's always a party with DCBB in studio!

(Dirty Catfish Brass Band cover of debt album 'Brass Riot')

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