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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Jocelyn Gould and Joanna Majoko Shout Out!

Hey Folks, 

A special Check Ça shout out to Jocelyn Gould and Joanna Majoko. It's been a little while since we've played them on the show. Both artists have been busy doin' their thing, jazz and otherwise. Regular listeners may remember they were on the show in June to talk about their first solo shows in 2015 Winnipeg Jazz Festival (both excellent performances!). Jocelyn and Joanna are very talented, diverse artists, with strong base in jazz music. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming performances around town. 

Folks may not know that Jocelyn is also a member of the very talented vocal jazz trio 
Collage​-​à​-​trois, and she also frequently appears at the monthly jazz music series featuring the Big dig! Band

Congrats to Joanna on a her gigs in France with Otis Brown! Looking forward to her next shows back home in Winnipeg. 

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