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Thursday, 24 March 2016

STOP. the presses! DJ STOP @ Black Rabbit

I don't know about you, but around the Easter weekend I start seeing pictures of bunnies everywhere. With rabbits on the mind, I think I should burrow my way through the holiday excitement, and go somewhere hip and rabbit-friendly - like Winnipeg's 'Black Rabbit Bistro Lounge' at 135 Osborne St (corner of Osborne & Stradbrook) where "Basil's" or "The Tap & Grill" used to be back in the day. And since it's Easter and lots of folks have time off from the daily grind, why not kick off your shoes and hop down to the Black Rabbit for some terrific thumping tunes with DJ Stop. ? 

All this preamble to tell you that DJ Stop. will 'go down the rabbit hole' this Thursday (tonight) for some hop-worthy spinning.  Check him out at this spot every Saturday night too.

Saturdays @ Black Rabbit Bistro Lounge
(135 Osborne St)

So hop to it kids.

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