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Friday, 20 May 2016

Will Bonness: Halcyon CD release

Sending a shout-out to Will Bonness on a successful CD release party on May 11th.  Joining him were some of his fellow University of Manitoba Jazz Studies faculty, namely Steve Kirby on bass and Quicy Davis on drums, as well as Winnipeg/New York artist Niall Bakkerstad-Legare on saxophone and Winnipeg's Andrew Littleford on trumpet  (who Check Ça fans may recognise from Dirty Catfish Brass Band). A fun way to spend the evening taking in Will's new music and excellent performances. If you missed the show, check out Professor Bonness' website for details on how to obtain his new album - definitely worth hunting this one down!

Will Bonness
Halcyon  released May 11, 2016 (Winnipeg)

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