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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Jazz Fest cool down...

What a fun Festival! Hope those in the 'Peg enjoyed the 2016 Winnipeg International Jazz Festival. Lots of great shows. Congrats to the many fabulous artists who made it a great time, especially some of our Check Ca guests: Amber Epp, Joanna Majoko (in Full Circle with Quincy Davis & co.), Jocelyn Gould (with her featured ensemble and her killer performance with Fauxpasfunk), Chuck Copenace Group, and Dirty Catfish Brass Band (a rockin' set opening up for Trombone Shorty!).

Since soulSYS and Special K were kickin' up their heels at shows last Friday, we brought you a special Jazz-Fest inspired set. Feel free to download the June 24 edition of the show on Here's a set list for those interested:

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